December 15th, 2016

About me

Since my retirement on the July 1, 2015, I have devoted my time to activities that I like and that have little do do with my past occupation.

However, there remain two sites that are linked to my previous employment :

About this site

The home page contains links to the most recent pages. The page is reached by clicking on my name at the top of each page. The Programming page contains links to the most recent pages about computer programming. Click on the link of the same name at the top of each page to see it. There are links to the most recent home automation pages on the Home Automation page. A link to this page can be found at the top of each page. The Download page contains links to the resources that are available at various locations on the site. The Archives page is a complete list of all pages on the site in chronological order.

For two or three weeks, this site has had a new style that is more horizontal one could say. I had to abandon the very hierarchical style introduced just five months ago. It had become a headache and the visual aspect was too busy. To make it easier to locate older pages, I added a custom Google search at the top of each page.

The pages devoted to photographs are no longer public. Soon friends and family members will get the address of a new private site containing photographs, travel stories etc. If I have forgotten you, please write a to me.

Actually, this site is a little luxury, an indulgence that is not without interest. By writing down the steps of any procedure, I appreciably increase the possibility of repeating them successfully later when I would probably have forgotten the details. Thoroughly describing an algorithm, leads me to think about it and often allows me to improve it.

I use an HTML pre-processor, GTML, to simplify the maintenance of this site and to ensure consistency in the presentation of its Web pages. If your site is composed of static pages, then you may be interested in doing the same.